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#EVRYWhatsNext – Session: Windows 10 og Intune

My slides from the Windows 10 og Intune presentation at our Roadshow #WhatsNext is available here:



Manage Surface Pro 3 UEFI Through PowerShell

After the v3.11.760.0 UEFI update is installed on a Surface device, an additional UEFI menu becomes available named Advanced Device Security. Clicking this option brings


Windows 10: Upgrade Paths

@WinHEC today Microsoft has showed all of the update paths for Windows 10. This Upgrade Matrix shows if you can go directly to Windows 10


Windows 10: Wireless Device Recovery

Occasionally a wireless device wont respond to the commands from the operation system, which puts the device in a bad state. Normally you would need

Client Cloud Deployment

Microsoft Intune: New Extension "Conditional Access for Exchange Online" now available for ConfigMgr 2012 R2

In December Microsoft relased an update to Intune that enables admins to set up Conditional Access to Exchange online and I am happy to see