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Secure Guest-access to Microsoft Teams with Azure MFA

Microsoft has just enabled guest access in Microsoft Teams. This is a great add for the service and allows us to collaborate easier and more

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Android for Work on Intune: Episode 1

As Microsoft Intune has released support for Android for Work  This is my first post in a series which will go through admin experiences, user experiences,

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My Top 5 Sessions from Microsoft Ignite 2016

After all the sessions at Ignite, it should be hard to pick out just 5 that gave me the most, but actually it was pretty

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Windows 10 Azure AD Join build 1607

This is going to be a short blogpost on the updated experience on what it looks like for a user doing a out of the

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Managing UEFI settings on Surface Pro 4

Back in April 2015 I wrote about how to manage UEFI Firmware settings on the Surface Pro 3 from Powershell. This option has not been

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Configure PFX Certificate Profile distribution in Microsoft Intune

Businesses are investing a lot in securing access to company resources but still achive a good and simple user experience around accessing those resources. Haven’t


Device Group Mapping in Microsoft Intune is now available

I had planned to write a blogpost on this since this feature first was announced a while ago. Everyone that has worked with Microsoft Intune

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Windows 10: Managing Windows Defender With Intune

Since Microsoft released support for Windows 10 management through Intune we have been able to manage the settings for Defender through custom OMA-URI settings in


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User Experience: Upgrade your PC's to Windows 10 Enterprise by joining Azure AD

In my previous blogpost Intune: Upgrade Windows 10 Edition to Enterprise I was telling how you can configure Microsoft Intune to upgrade your PC’s from Pro


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Microsoft Intune: Integrate Windows Store for business

For a while now we have been waiting for the integration between Windows Store for business and Microsoft Intune. This integration will allow you to