Configure synchronization for Apple VPP in Microsoft Intune


Organizations that want to start purchasing volume licensed iOS apps can finally leverage Apple Volume Purchase Program (Apple VPP) with Microsoft Intune. Almost all of the apps available in iTunes Store (App Store) can be volume purchased and distributed to managed devices. In this blog post, we will cover the requirements for Apple VPP and show you how you can configure Microsoft Intune to synchronize information from Apple VPP. Continue reading

Windows 10, Azure AD Join and SSO (Build 10162)

A while back I wrote a post regarding Azure AD Join or Connect to cloud that it was called in earlier build. Since then a lot of stuff has happened and I really feel the quality and usefullness of Azure AD Join is getting close to target.

So this post is gonna focus on the OOBE experience of a new users experience when logging into a new computer for the first time. I am sorry for the norwegian language in the screenshots I have made, but you will understand what they are about anyway 🙂 Continue reading

Windows 10: HOWTO Connect your Microsoft Account when your're already Azure AD Domain Joined

In current build 10122 it will at first look as you are not able to connect your Microsoft Account (MSA) after you have Azure Domain joined your device. This is just an lack in GUI. I will show you a way to do this in build 10122 to make you able to be both Azure AD Domain joined and at the same time access the Store and the other MSA-integrated functions in Windows 10

UPDATE: It seems that in current build the connect MSA is still missing, but my solution in this post does not work the same way anymore. Investegating…

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#WhatsNext roadshow kommer til en by nær deg


Juni er måneden hvor EVRY setter i gang en stor Norges turne med fokus på Microsoft Azure tjenester og klient håndtering i en moderne og fremtidsrettet IT hverdag.

Vi vil ta turnen innom 9 byer og levere et show bestående av Azure MVP Anders Eide, Windows IT-Pro MVP Olav Tvedt, Product Manager Jan Ketil Skanke og Microsoft Norge sine beste folk.

Byene som blir besøkt er Brumunddal, Ålesund, Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim, Oslo, Sandefjord, Haugesund og Kristiansand.

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