My Ignite 2019

It is that time of the year again, where 25000 IT people from all around the world travels to Orlando to attend Microsoft Ignite. This year I will be spending many hours in what has been named The Hub. The Hub is the new name of the expo hall and is the area of all the Microsoft Showcase areas, experts booths, community hubs and the Theaters. In this short post I would like to share my 5 must-attend sessions for this years Ignite.

Modern management: How/why you do it now
This should be a session full of demos from start to end where Brad Anderson will go through how and why you should start looking into modernizing your management of Windows.

Azure Active Directory: New features and roadmap
If you are working in the Microsoft Identity space, this is a must attend session for sure. Alex Simons, Melanie Maynes, Sadie Henry and Libby Brown will talk about all the newest features and experiences for Azure AD.

Windows Autopilot: What’s new, what’s coming, and tips for a smooth rollout
We have heard about Autopilot for quite some time now, and the road has been a bit bumpy up until now. This is a session for anyone interrested in learning more about Autopilot as Michael Niehaus will share loads of information and demos on how you can use Autopilot, the different scenarios and some troubleshooting tips.

Ask the experts: Modern deployment and device management
Do you have a unanswered question about Intune, ConfigMgr, Windows deployment, patching or servicing? This is a interactive Q&A session where Microsoft brings loads of people from the product team to answer YOUR question. Don’t be shy, get you answer today. You don’t want to miss this one! Some of the speakers present: Michael Niehaus,Narkis Engler, Steve DiAcetis, Zachary Dvorak, David James

Dive deep into Microsoft Threat Protection
Security is important for everyone, and if you really want to dive deep into Microsoft Threat Protection, this is the session for you. This will cover the very latest, including the ability to correlate incidents across your estate, our advanced hunting capabilities, and the new automated incident response capabilities, as well as a forward-looking roadmap.

This is what I wanted to share, if you want to just meet up of have a question, dont hesitate to reach out to me on twitter @JankeSkanke. You will also find me at The Hub working a bit every day this week

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