Hosting a Community Meetup at Microsoft Ignite 2019

This year at Microsoft Ignite I will be hosting a Community Meetup together with Ami Arwidmark. This will be an interactive session where you will be a part of the discussion.

We will spend time on discussion modern management of Windows 10 focusing on different topics during our time together. On of the big topics would be on what you experience is blocking you from going modern. This is not a normal breakout session where we will spend time on slides telling you what to do. We do have some experiences and insight to share, but this is a place for you to come and discuss both your positive experiences and your pains with other people working in the same area as you. 

Why join a meetup?

A meetup is a place to really get connected to other people working in the same field as you. One of the biggest benefits of going to a conference like Microsoft Ignite is the ability to connect and network with all the people who are there. Building your professional network is important to succeed in our world of IT today. 

The Session

“Enabling device admins for modern management success”

Are you trying to go with cloud modern management of Windows 10 but the challenges are too big? Maybe you have a ton of legacy stuff to maintain and manage? You are not alone. Come to this meetup and discuss your blockers with your peers and community experts.

We will discuss:

  • Available resources (blogs, tools, videos, trainings) 
  • Setup, what you might need to purchase, what you can retire
  • Troubleshooting, basic tips and tricks around common issues as well as notes from the field
    (what are customers saying and how are we helping them)

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