My Sessions from NIC 2018

I just wanted to recap my experience from NIC 2018 by posting a short post about my experience as a first time speaker at NIC.

On day 1 it was great expectations as I had the first slot after the keynote talking about Intune Mobile Application Management. The room it self was OK and the tech worked perfectly. The only thing I want to point out is that the lighting was awful. As a Speaker I like to see my audience and be able to read them as I go along. This was absolutely not possible here and I really hope that NIC will consider changing this for next year. 

The Session: Managing device access to your company data without enrollment

Today many users want to be able to use any device to do their work. They have privacy concerns and don’t want their personal devices managed by their employer. On the other side, IT need to be able to secure that company data is secured and that they are able to control what happens to the data after users has access. In this session you’ll learn how apps can be managed by Microsoft Intune Mobile Application Managment and EM+S to provide a great user experience that IT can trust.
The deck is available here: NIC GITHUB


On day 2 I did not only have a good slot for my session, but I also got to speak together with my good friend Ronni Pedersen ( . It was real fun to speak together with such an experienced speaker as Ronni.

The Session: Azure AD B2B Conditional Access Advanced Scenarios

In a modern world, collaboration between organizations is super important. And with Office 365 and other cloud services, collaboration between organizations has never been easier. With Azure AD B2B collaboration, organizations can enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) and conditional access policies for B2B users and partners. In this session you will learn how to control access for your consultants, partners and contractors when they access your stuff in the cloud. Expect lots of demos and real-world examples, that will help you to be a hero and protect the company data while keeping user productive.

The Deck is available here: NIC GITHUB

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