Microsoft Intune “Built-In” App type to save the day

As I was strolling around in my Intune tenant today I found that a new feature has arrived regarding Intune and Mobile Apps. It has been easy lately to add iOS app by just searching the appstore directly from Intune, but Android has been the same bad experience with me going to the Android play webpages and search for app URLs. Today that might just be gone for 90% of my use cases with Microsoft Intune Built-In App type.

How to use it?

Go into Intune on Azure as you normally do for adding apps (Intune->Mobile Apps->Apps) and Aclick on the Add button on the top. Then you need to choose the new Built-in app-type:

When you have chosen the app type, you will get the option to choose which of Microsoft Built-In apps you want to add to your Intune tenant.

You make your choice and simply click on the blue Add button on the bottom of our blade.

One thing to remember is that by doing this you are not finished with your work. I would love to have the option to Assign the apps to a user group in the same flow. Now I have to go back and assign each app separately.

The same applies for simple configuration you might want to have for all apps (Display as featured in Company) , you will need to do this per app after you added them for now. But make sure you look out for cool powershell samples to solve this in the future from this repo:

Other stuff:


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