Microsoft Intune Custom Branding with Powershell #RGB

Are you looking for a solution on how to use custom branding for you Intune Company portal for a standalone setup? Don’t like the default color choices in the Intune portal? Maybe you have looked into the hybrid option which gives you an possibility to choose your custom color? Look no further..

Start with going to This repository of PowerShell sample scripts show how to access Intune service resources.

The script we are looking for is CompanyPortal_Set_Brand.ps1


Either download the complete repository or just these files in this folder, open up the script in Visual Studio Code (or Powershell ISE) and look for the portion of the files that does the actual configuration, it starts with $iconUrl = “C:\Logos\Logo.png” 

If you want to just run the script without any kind of parameter or customization you will need to include a logo-file either in this exact path, or change your path accordingly. Remember the icon requirements of .png or .jpg file type and a maximum resolution of 400 x 100 pixels and 750 KB or less in size.

Now we can move into the JSON object that we want to customize and configure

Make your own choices and run the script. When you run the script it will check for dependencies (like Azure AD Powershell Module) and log you on to your tenant.



First time running you will be asked to give Intune Powershell permissions to do its work: 2017-09-05_14-12-12

After this the script will do its work and we are ready to see our result at or in our actual company portal app


Fun Stuff? I think this is really cool, and we can finally give our customers the right look and feel of the company portal app.

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