Finishing up at #ExpertsLive Europe

After 3 days at Experts Live in Berlin, my speaker duties are finished. This conference was pretty new to me and I would like to share my experiences. I have delivered 4 contributions to this great conference, 2 sessions where I have been talking about Microsoft Intune, Azure AD, Conditional Access and Windows 10 Modern IT and 2 discussion panel session talking about much of the same stuff 🙂

It has truly been a great place to be the last couple of days here in Berlin. The really good thing about this conference is that is is not too big. Here you can really connect with all the other participants and experts all day every day.

My first session was together with @Agerlund talking about Modern IT as a concept and how far Microsoft Intune has come regarding pure cloud management.

My second session was about how you can user Azure AD and Microsoft Intune to secure access to all your applications both On-Prem and in the Cloud.

Presentations will be made available through Experts Live (

Great feedback from the attendees and an active room is always great when presenting. Thank you for making it fun to be a speaker here.

Some pictures I found on twitter (thank you all for tweeting about me) :

I have had a great time and hope to be back again next year. #ExpertsLive

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