First look at AzureAD Group Based Licensing

It has finally arrived. Group Based licensing in Azure AD for O365 and other services. Lets take a quick look on how this can be done in the Azure Portal. 

Update: In preview you will need an paid Azure AD subscription to use this feature. However when this goes GA it will be included in Office365 subscriptions. According to a tweet from @Alex_A_Simons this is a scaling issue in preview. 

Lets start at and go to Azure Active Directory. Here we will see the new Licenses option that is now available:


If we click on further we will enter the licenses blade, and here we can see all our licensens for our services in one place:


In this view view can find information on how many licenses we have available and if we have expiring licenses aswell. Quite handy if you ask me.

Lets jump into one of our Products, Office365 E5. And let us assign a license to a group we have created. This can be a dynamic group in Azure AD, a onpremise group that is synced with AAD Connect, whatever suits your needs. Today it only supports security groups, support for O365 Groups is going to be added soon.


The nice thing now is that we can create groups for all kind of mix of licenses. It doesnt have to be a group just for this product. If I want to have a group for “Standard Workplace Users” and assign it O365 Licenses, EMS Licenses and PSTN Conferencing, I just add the different licenses to that group.

I have clicked on Assign here and now I can choose the group and what kind of services inside the product I want enable for this group:


First Choose group and now go to Assignment options:  In this example I have choosen to leave Staffhub out.


What happens now is that the licenses will be assigned to the group and processed for the group member.

What we will see now is that the license is Active on the group and that 18/19 services are enabled.


Next step now is to enable the other licenses for my Standard users on this group aswell. And by that I will show you how easy it is to enable licensing directly on the group.

2017-02-22_10-32-48I have now moved over to the configuration of the group and clicked on Licenses in the group. As you can see the O365 E5 license is activated on the group already.

So lets click on Assign and add some more licenses to this group to complete our mission:


In this view view can choose all the products we need and then move to options to configure them:

We are now ready to assign this to users by just adding them into our groups.


That concludes my first look at this awesome new feature. Try it out and let me know what you think about it.


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