Android for Work on Intune: Episode 1

As Microsoft Intune has released support for Android for Work  This is my first post in a series which will go through admin experiences, user experiences, possibilities and limitations.

This first post will show how to set it up and integrate with Google.

I am assuming you already have a google account so I am going to directly to how to integrate/bind Intune with Google and go through this easy enrolment process.


While Intune is moving into the new Azure portal, the Android for Work related configurations are still only to be found in the classic Intune console. To get started go to Admin – Mobile Device Management and Android for Work. Click on Configure.


This will bring you over to Google where you will need to log on with a google account belonging to your organization and click on Get Started


Enter name of your Organization, read and agree to the agreement and click on Confirm.


Click to complete registration wich will bring you back to the Intune console for completion.


And thats it. You are ready to start to configure Android for Work policies, assign and deploy apps from Google play for work. Stay tuned for episode 2 who will tell you how to setup policies and get, sync and deploy apps to your Android for Work enabled devices.

Episode 2 is now available here:

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