My Top 5 Sessions from Microsoft Ignite 2016

After all the sessions at Ignite, it should be hard to pick out just 5 that gave me the most, but actually it was pretty easy. This is my top 5 sessions and links on where to find them online. Enjoy. 

Secure and manage your digital transformation

Security in a cloud-first, mobile-first world calls for a new approach. Data is accessed, used, and shared on-prem and in the cloud – erasing the traditional security boundaries. You need technology that protects you against evolving threats. Microsoft technology secures your digital transformation with a comprehensive platform, unique intelligence, and partnerships. We will cover how your organization can achieve the balance of security and end-user empowerment, with effective security controls across identity, device, data & apps, and infrastructure. Show how we can protect your organization’s data against unauthorized access, detect attacks and breaches, and help you respond and adapt to prevent it from happening again.

Get ahead of cyber attacks with Enterprise Mobility + Security

The transition to mobility and the cloud has made employee interactions with other users, devices, apps, and data increasingly more complex. This has generated new blind spots for IT. At the same time, the sophistication of attack vectors continues to increase. Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security offers a holistic, identity-driven security approach with innovative technologies to address the sophisticated challenges of a new attack landscape. We show how our technologies help you first protect at the “front door”, protect your data from user mistakes and detect attacks before they cause damage.

Throw away your DMZ – Azure Active Directory Application Proxy deep-dive

Now you can use the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Application Proxy to publish HTTP/HTTPS on premise applications replacing the need for an on premise DMZ and proxy. Come to this deep-dive session and discover the details of the Microsoft Azure Active Directory App Proxy and different options that are available for Single Sign On to applications that use claims or Windows authentication.

Understand credential security: important things you need to know about storing Your Identity

Do cached credentials bring any danger? Can we just extract them and crack the password or use the value to do the pass the hash attack? One thing is for sure: Paula and her team made a DPAPI world discovery where they have reverse-engineered this mechanism to tell you right now how it works and if it is safe. What about other places where credentials are stored? Paula will demonstrate the technology weaknesses in credential security and specific misused actions within the operating system. Learn the unexpected places your passwords reside, how the password attacks are performed, the typical paths where credentials can be leaked and how to prevent these by implementing various solutions. This session will be demo heavy.

Respond to advanced threats before they start – identity protection at its best

Explore how Microsoft Azure AD Identity Protection and Privileged Identity Management take secure identity and access management to the next level. These features put the power of conditional access and advanced risk analytics, just-in-time administration and security reviews in your hand to stop cyber criminals from gaining entry to your systems. Azure AD Identity Protection is built on Microsoft’s experience protecting consumer identities. It gains tremendous accuracy as it processes over 13B logins a day. In this session, we demonstrate the detection capabilities, real time prevention using conditional access, the end user experiences, just-in-time administration and SIEM/analytics extensibility.

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