User Experience: Upgrade your PC's to Windows 10 Enterprise by joining Azure AD

In my previous blogpost Intune: Upgrade Windows 10 Edition to Enterprise I was telling how you can configure Microsoft Intune to upgrade your PC’s from Pro to Enterprise Edition. This blogpost is going to show the user experience on how the upgrade itself works from a user perspective with screenshots and explanations. 

Let’s assume you have bought a PC with Windows 10 Pro and are setting this PC for joining Azure AD as part of your Out Of the Box Experience prosess.


The first thing we do is to choose that this Windows 10 Pro PC is owned by our company.


The next step is to Join Azure AD. At the same time this device will be enrolled into Intune by setup done i Azure AD to manage all AAD Joined devices by Intune.


My setup requires Multi-Factor Authentication to join Azure AD.


After the machine is done with the setup and the user is logged I can see that my current edition of Windows is Windows 10 Pro. Now I did a little waiting (5-10 minutes) do allow all policies to be downloaded to the device.


Then I got this notification on the desktop of my computer. You’re about to be signed out. A new edition of Windows is available. Restart your device to complete the upgrade. I did not wait for the 2 hours and restarted my device.


During restart I can see that my device is Adding features which means that the upgrade is processing in the background.


After I log in again I get a new notification telling me that my upgrade has completed successfully. I click on the notification to see what has happened.


Now, as you can see, my device is running Enterprise Edition of Windows 10 and is activated. Just to finish this up I also took a look in the Intune Console to see if the policy has reported back ok.


Here I see that the Windows 10 Upgrade Edition policy is applied and that my computer now conforms with the policy.

Provisioning of new Windows 10 PCs straight out of the box has now become even more complete. I can easiliy upgrade to the correct edition of Windows, and I can also easiliy add the Company Portal App to the device (look at my blogpost about integrating Intune with the Windows Store for Business on how to do that).

And all this is achieved by just joining my device to Azure AD.

If you are wondering about what Windows 10 Enterprise can give you that is not in the Pro edition, take a look at this links:


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