Intune: Upgrade Windows 10 Edition to Enterprise

For a while now, Microsoft has been talking about the opportunity to upgrade from Pro to Enterprise Edition of Windows 10 from Intune. The same is for upgrading to Education Edition if you are a School. Finaly this feature has now come to Intune. This means you can upgrade your devices by simple joining them to Azure AD

So why is this interresting?

When you buy a new Windows 10 Computer like for example a Surface Pro 4 it comes with Windows 10 Pro. The normal way to handle this for a lot of companies is to redeploy a brand new image with Windows 10 Enterprise Edition to this device and join it to their onpremise domain.

In the new cloud world you might to just want to enable your users to join their new device to Azure AD instead. If do a simple Out Of The Box enrollment into Azure AD with Auto-Enrollment into Intune your user is just up and running in no time. But, until now, they have been stuck on running Pro Edition even though your company has the Enterprise licens.

So now we have a simple solution to upgrade from the cloud all those devices.

How to do the Edition Upgrade?

In the Intune Console create a new configuration policy for Windows.


Here you choose the Edition Upgrade Policy (Windows 10 Desktop and later)


Type your description, name and edition. Type in your MAK Key for Windows 10 Enterprise Edition. Save and Deploy to your Windows 10 Devices.

After you have configured this policy it is no longer possible to change or read the license key in the console. I presume this is to secure the key it self. But if you have a need to change the key, you will need to delete this policy and create a new one.


This is how the policy look like if you try to change it or read it’s settings.


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