Single Sign-On to on-premises resources from Azure AD joined when Onprem

Azure AD Join was introduced in Windows 10 and allows a Windows 10 device to register with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and allows Azure AD users to sign-in to the device using their work credentials or more commonly know as their O365 credentials.

Users on these devices will enjoy Single Sign-On (SSO) to Office 365 or other SaaS applications.

The really cool part is that if this user is working within the corporate network the user can enjoy SSO to on-premises Integrated Windows Authentication based resources as well, provided the organization has enabled this functionality. Continue reading

Why and how you should register your Windows 10 Domain Joined PC’s with Azure AD

It has been a while since my last blogpost as I have been on parental leave with my 1 year old son. I have also got a new employment since then and are now working for Lumagate AS in Norway as a Senior Consultant. Over to the important stuff 🙂

Domain joining a PC has been the way for companies in a long time to make sure they have a common identity inside their network and control of the PCs in their network. This does not change with Windows 10. However new possibilities come to play when Azure AD becomes a part of the picture. Continue reading