A quick look at Connected Standby reporting and troubleshooting on Surface Pro 3

With Surface Pro 3 we finaly have as you all may already know an intel based device with support for Connected Standby or Instant Go.

Connected standby was introduced way back in 2011 at the Microsoft Build Conference. The idea is that when your Surface Pro 3 has its display powered off things should still be able to update and play. Skype Calls will make it through and music played from Modern Apps will still be playing. Just like your smartphone does today.

The user experience is that you “never” really power down your Surface Pro 3, you just turn it off. I am not going into details about how this work and dont work. There is a lot of articles out there on this. This post is about how you can find out what is draining your power when your device enters Connected Standby State. Continue reading

Connecting Windows 10 to the Cloud (Azure AD Domain Join)

Update Jan 2016: This blog post was based on preview of Win 10 and without all current features in Azure AD.  I have since this blog post found a lot of very good scenarios for joining Azure AD. Check my newest posting on this matter.

Microsoft has been stating that Windows 10 will be utilizing Azure AD in a new way:

With Windows 10 we’ll also add the ability to leverage Azure Active Directory, devices can be connected to Azure AD, and users can login to Windows with Azure AD accounts or add their Azure ID to gain access to business apps and resources

With the newest build I have been searching for ways to join my Windows 10 device to Azure AD but it took a while to figure it out. Twitter was a good friend and with tips from @mniehaus and @jarvidmark on twitter I figured it out. Continue reading